Health care & Medical supplies

At Silk Route Traders, acquire the ultimate access to the medical supplies and the products, for your health with a wide range of premium catalogues organized by us. Apart from all these facts, this venture holds the confidentiality of all its customers. We are supplying medical equipment’s and accessories to Africa. This includes all the most modern equipment’s of this 21st century. You can discover a variety of accessories that goes beyond your limits. Our other category is the eye glass frame and accessories. As we all know eye glass frames and its accessories are one of the prominent goods we use in our day to day life. We offer the best designs and high quality products for your glass frames. You can check out our store for the variety of eye glass accessories that blows your mind.

Our medical supplies includes, cleaning clothes and disposable hospital supplies. We offer the best fabricated clothes for your health care. All our cloth products are sterilized under the presence of experts. We assure you 100% hygienic medical stuffs. Our disposable hospital supplies includes all the surgical as well as nonsurgical equipment’s. These products meet the standards of the medical

Chemical & Adhesives

Silk Route Traders are the developers of the customized industrial chemicals and adhesives. This includes the water treatment solutions and chemicals. Water treatment solutions falls under our high standard category, that includes industrial water treatment and recycling products framed exclusively for the present world.

Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) which is widely known as Soda Ash is one of the highlighted products of Silk Route Traders. We supplies both Light and Dense categories of this soda ash. Our production of soda ash undergoes a series of refining steps which is screened later for its purity. By this we ensures that you receive the best of the best among our quality bounded products.

building materials

We offers various building materials such as bath room fittings and interior decorative accessories. All the products are premium branded, that reflects the luxury in it. Customized designs are the highlighted factor of Silk Route Traders. Moreover, we ensures the best craft designs and the luxury finished products to be your favorite. Other building products such as vitrified tiles, swimming pool tiles and decorative tiles comes under this distribution category. These are our exclusive products that marks the quality of our service.

There are wide ranges of swimming pool equipment’s and accessories associated with us. This includes all premium brands. We provides attractive price tags for the pool filters for inground or above ground swimming pools. Also, pool filter cartridges are available for all filters. Other products like pool pump parts and filter parts etc of classy categories are available.

PVC plays a prominent role in building industry. We offer the best quality PVC form board. Acrylic filmed boards is being second category that provides the accessibility same that of PVC form board. Our latest product is the style encoded interior infrastructure. Silk route Traders introduces the best designed PVC embossed cabinet that is designed exclusively for bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. These includes, all new designs that picturizes the craftsmanship of our designers.

Clay tiles are the prominent products that falls under this category. High quality heat resistant clay tiles are the best we offer.

infrastructure & development

Silk Route Traders paved its own trademark in infrastructure, providing you the advanced developmental programs. The program catalogue offers a limitless products to customize your world. We undergo standardized ductile iron pipes and fittings. As per the technology we brings the fastest yet safer schemes for your needs. Our infrastructure development covers almost all products which includes Manhole steps/rings, Manhole covers (DI/CI). We delivers the underground detectable/non detectable warning tapes with a design of hassle free experience. Modern engineering products such as stainless steel repair clamps, all types of valves (including bronze, ductile iron and stainless steel), ductile iron pipes coupling, adapter dismantling joints and pipe hanger makes this venture easily reachable to the new generation. We meet each and every requirements of our customers to build a strong bond of business relationship. Silk Route Traders also delivers anti vibration mount, flexi seal and duct seal. These products are highly marked up with our quality standards.

Fire and safety equipment’s plays a vital role in reducing the risk involved in every industrial sector. We offers the high quality fire safety accessories that helps you up to overcome the risk of fire accidents. Also, we support all types of gaskets and fasteners that supports your modern technology to a new level.

information technology & security

Information Technology is the word that connects the present community. These communities relay the most modern aspects of this Technology. So we started our program to secure your technology. Silk Route Traders, with their enhanced technology skills offers the best infrastructure development and IT consultation. Data room installation, maintenance and support are one of our attractive programs that helps you to expand your technologies. UTP/Fiber cabling testing, commissioning etc are the other programs we undertake. We have professionals who have handled these technologies to support your needs.

Security is the key function that links all the present technologies. This is the sector where we started to build our innovative ideas. Silk Route Traders, with a team of expert professionals supports the installation, testing and commissioning of the modern security system. Our vision is to gather the requirements and advise the best solutions over your technology and its security.